On Tue, 23 Aug 2016 20:34:46 +0200
Leandro Lucarella <leandro.lucare...@sociomantic.com> wrote:
> This even happens after doing a:
> git submodule deinit <module>
> rm -fr <module>
> rm -fr .git/modules/<module>
> git submodule update --init

One more thing, doing a clean new clone seems to work, but I have this
issue in many many repos, which are old clones, from before Git had the
ability to check for submodules. Could it be some incompatibility in
old clones with this? Is there anything I can look for in the .git/
directory or elsewhere to fix them?

Thanks again!

Leandro Lucarella
Technical Development Lead
Sociomantic Labs GmbH <http://www.sociomantic.com>
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