Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> writes:

>>>> @@ -709,6 +709,8 @@ static int read_and_refresh_cache(struct replay_opts 
>>>> *opts)
>>>>  struct todo_item {
>>>>    enum todo_command command;
>>>>    struct commit *commit;
>>>> +  const char *arg;
>>>> +  int arg_len;
>> I am not sure what the "commit" field of type "struct commit *" is
>> for.  It is not needed until it is the commit's turn to be picked or
>> reverted; if we end up stopping in the middle, parsing the commit
>> object for later steps will end up being wasted effort.
> From what I understand this was what sequencer did before this
> series, so it is not a regression (I think; the commit parsing
> was in different function, but I think at the same place in
> the callchain).

Yes, I agree with you and I didn't mean "this is a new bug" at all.
It just is an indication that further refactoring after this step is
needed, and it is likely to involve removal or modification of this

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