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>> > Interactive rebase's scripts may be indented; We need to handle this
>> > case, too, now that we prepare the sequencer to process interactive
>> > rebases.
>> s/; We need/; we need/
> Hrmpf. From
>       There is some disagreement among writing reference manuals about
>       when you should capitalize an independent clause following a
>       colon. Most of the manuals advise that when you have more than one
>       sentence in your explanation or when your sentence(s) is a formal
>       quotation, a capital is a good idea. The NYPL Writer's Guide urges
>       consistency within a document; the Chicago Manual of Style says
>       you may begin an independent clause with a lowercase letter unless it's
>       one of those two things (a quotation or more than one sentence).
>       The APA Publication Manual is the most extreme: it advises us to
>       always capitalize an independent clause following a colon. The advice
>       given above is consistent with the Gregg Reference Manual.
> Based on that, I think that a capital is the correct case here.

Does that manual have anything to say about semicolons, which is a
different thing?

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