As some of you may recall, we signed up to participate in Outreachy for
the May-August session, but did not end up selecting an intern. The
original thread with details is here:

There's another session that runs from December to March. If we want to
participate, we need to sign up in the next few days.

I'm happy to act as admin. We will need a few things:

  - to arrange funding for the stipend. GitHub offered to cover this
    last time, and if we are interested, I can see if this is still the
    case. We can also cover it out of the Git project money.

  - mentor volunteers. This is similar in scope to GSoC, but I don't
    want to just assume that people who volunteered for GSoC would still
    be available

  - projects. We can pull from the ideas that were not selected for the
    2016 GSoC, but we may need to update or add to it.


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