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On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 2:32 PM, Jeff King <> wrote:
> As some of you may recall, we signed up to participate in Outreachy for
> the May-August session, but did not end up selecting an intern. The
> original thread with details is here:
> There's another session that runs from December to March. If we want to
> participate, we need to sign up in the next few days.
> I'm happy to act as admin. We will need a few things:
>   - to arrange funding for the stipend. GitHub offered to cover this
>     last time, and if we are interested, I can see if this is still the
>     case. We can also cover it out of the Git project money.
>   - mentor volunteers. This is similar in scope to GSoC, but I don't
>     want to just assume that people who volunteered for GSoC would still
>     be available
>   - projects. We can pull from the ideas that were not selected for the
>     2016 GSoC, but we may need to update or add to it.

I have a few friends who too did GSoC along with me but in different
orgs. Their orgs have a separate channel (slack or IRC) for
GSoC/Outreachy communications. In that channel is that all potential
mentors are added and students too are pointed to it. In that channel
the very basic doubts are covered. Let's say I am online and probably
the student's mentor is currently unavailable, so he/she can post a
trivial doubt there for someone to respond quickly. It takes off a
little load from the list and the mentor as well. I am aware that
there exists a channel named #git-devel but unfortunately its not
really active. I will be wiling to help other students with their
early days!

These days a lot of my fellow students don't really use IRC for
communication and see you can see there were really less number of
people inquiring  about GSoC in #git-devel. We can prefer slack or any
other alternative.

Pranit Bauva

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