On Mon, Sep 05, 2016 at 05:51:41PM -0400, Jeff King wrote:

> If you have a tag of a tag of a commit, and the middle tag isn't
> otherwise reachable, then "pack-objects --include-tag" will not include
> the middle tag, and certain invocations of "clone" will fail. See the
> final patch below for the gory details.
> The first five patches are just test cleanup and modernization in
> preparation (though note that the 3rd one actually fixes a minor bug in
> the test script).
>   [1/5]: t5305: move cleanup into test block
>   [2/5]: t5305: drop "dry-run" of unpack-objects
>   [3/5]: t5305: use "git -C"
>   [4/5]: t5305: simplify packname handling
>   [5/5]: pack-objects: walk tag chains for --include-tag

BTW, this is not a new regression; the problem dates back to the origin
of the "include-tag" feature. So there is no urgency to the fix, as it
has been with us for almost a decade. I built it on master, but it
should apply cleanly to maint.


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