On Mon, Sep 05, 2016 at 05:52:26PM -0400, Jeff King wrote:

> When pack-objects is given --include-tag, it peels each tag
> ref down to a non-tag object, and if that non-tag object is
> going to be packed, we include the tag, too. But what
> happens if we have a chain of tags (e.g., tag "A" points to
> tag "B", which points to commit "C")?
> We'll peel down to "C" and realize that we want to include
> tag "A", but we do not ever consider tag "B", leading to a
> broken pack (assuming "B" was not otherwise selected).
> Instead, we have to walk the whole chain, adding any tags we
> find to the pack.

So technically one might argue that this pack isn't "broken", in that it
_is_ a valid pack. It's just that it doesn't contain what the user was
asking for.

As explained further in the commit message, "fetch" is robust to this,
because it does a real connectivity check and follow-on fetch before
writing anything it thinks it got via include-tag. So perhaps one could
argue that pack-objects is correct; include-tag is best-effort, and it
is the client's job to make sure it has everything it needs. And that
would mean the bug is in git-clone, which should be doing the
connectivity check and follow-on fetch.

I dunno. This seems like the most elegant place to fix it, though it
does mean that pack-objects will go to some slight extra work when
auto-packing a tag (it has to parse the tag to find out whether it's a
chain). I'm doubt it matters much in practice.


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