I have recently been enlisted by folks at the Linux Foundation to
help run a Miniconference on Git at the Plumbers Conference [*]
this fall.

We currently have both Junio Hamano and Josh Triplett signed
up to do talks.  Hopefully, though not confirmed yet, Junio
will give us a brief "State of the Git Union" to set the stage
for a few more presentations and some discussion about the
Future of Git.  Josh has volunteered to talk about a patch
series manager he's been developing.

Rumor also suggests that the Man In The Bowtie might make
an appearance as well.  With luck, Mr. Bottomley might
offer a speaking role as well!  We'll see.

I would like to solicit one or two more solid talks from
the community, either the Linux Kernel community or the
Git community proper.  If you are so interested, please
send me some mail.


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