W dniu 06.09.2016 o 23:01, john smith pisze:

> I'd prefer smudge/clean filters instead of `make' scripts etc. to
> convert template dotfiles into something usable and back because
> filters:
> 1. could be run automatically
> 2. do not modify files as shown by `git show HEAD:<file>' and
> therefore no files are reported as modified by git status and also
> there are not conflicts when merging master into work/home branch.
> I have problems because with point 1 because apparently smudge filter
> is not run automatically every time when branch is changed if files
> listed in .gitattributes do not change. As the last resort I could
> force smudge/clean filter to run just to keep advantage specified in
> point 2.

Couldn't you use post-checkout hook plus clean filter instead of
clean/smudge filter pair, if the smudge part depends on the branch?

Or make post-checkout hook invoke smudge filter... though
`git cat-file --filters` is not in any released version, I think...

Jakub Narębski

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