john smith <> writes:

> ... get it.  The problem is that in the scenario presented in my last
> e-mail clean filter is run in the situation which doesn't like a
> checkin to me.  Is `git checkout <PATH>' doing a *checkin*" under the
> hood so that the clean filter is called?  What does actually `checkin'
> mean in Git?  I thought that checkin it's the same as committing a
> file into the repository.

I do not know what Jakub meant.

When we need to see if we need to update a working tree file, and
when we cannot tell if you modified the working tree file since you
checked it out, we may have to run the clean filter (and other
conversions collectively called "convert-to-git") on the contents in
it and see if the resulting blob matches what is recorded in the
index (if they match, there is no need to update the working tree
file; if they don't match, we either report that you have a local
modification, or we overwrite it with the contents, depending on
what operation we are doing for the user).

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