Jacob Keller <jacob.kel...@gmail.com> writes:

> It wants to commit bar too because you already added bar before. It works 
> like:
> "git add bar && git add -p foo && git commit" does it not?
> I fail to see why "git commit -p <path>" would unstage the bar you
> already added? Or am I missing some assumption here?


"git commit -p <pathspec>" were added originally for lazy people who
do not want to type "git add -p <pathspec> && git commit", which
matches your expectation.  If you already added "bar" that is
outside of the <pathspec> given to "add -p", the final "git commit"
step would record the latest contents of "bar" in it.

For obvious reasons, "git commit -p <pathspec>" cannot be a
short-hand to "git add -p <pathspec> && git commit <pathspec>", so
the current behaviour was the best they could do for those who aded
"commit -p", I guess.

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