W dniu 09.09.2016 o 22:52, Christian Neukirchen napisał:
> Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Which means that with "git add -p <pathspec> && git commit <pathspec>",
>> the "git add -p <pathspec>" would carefully craft the <pathspec> state
>> in the index... and "git commit <pathspec>" would take worktree version
>> of <pathspec> for commit, ignoring what was in the index :-(
>> Currently there is no way to create commit out of subset of the index,
>> e.g. with "git commit :0:<path>"
> I played around with creating a new index just for "add -p" and then
> committing that one.  Seems to have worked...
> Perhaps I'll just wrap git-commit myself then.

What I wanted to say is that there is no built-in way to create commit
out of subset of the index.  You can of course do what "git commit <file>"
does, that is use temporary index file (GIT_INDEX_FILE etc.; see

I wonder, if git-commit is to acquire such feature, what would be the
best interface.  "git commit :0:./<path>"?  "git commit -o -p <path>"
(that is, "git commit --only --patch <pathspec>")?

Jakub Narębski

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