Hello Johannes,

W dniu 09.09.2016 o 15:06, Johannes Schindelin napisał:
> On Sun, 28 Aug 2016, Jakub Narębski wrote:
>> W dniu 28.08.2016 o 10:38, Johannes Schindelin pisze:
>>> I would like to strongly caution against putting too much stock into
>>> this users' survey. It is the best we have, granted. Yet I have not
>>> heard from anybody that they participated in the survey, unless they
>>> were also subscribed to the Git mailing list.
>> I tried in past and will try for this year Git User's Survey to be
>> announced more widely than just Git mailing list (git@vger.kernel.org).
> I did not mean to criticise you. I think you are doing the best you can,
> and it is valuable.
> The question is not so much how to advertise the survey. I skip almost all
> surveys I am asked to participate in, because I am just a little bit busy
> all the time. I feel that my colleagues do the same. Unless forced to take
> a survey, they skip it.

Right, that's a problem.  Thanks for reminding me.

I hope that the fact that by default (via the use of cookies) you can
return to Survs.com survey at later time (assuming that you do it from the
same computer and the same web browser), and continue responding.  Taking
30 minutes or more at once may be a problem, taking 10 x 3 minutes may
not be.

But I won't have too much hope...
Jakub Narębski

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