From: "Duy Nguyen" <>
On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 8:06 PM, Johannes Schindelin
<> wrote:
My point stands. We are way more uninviting to contributors than
necessary. And a huge part of the problem is that we require contributors
to send their patches inlined into whitespace-preserving mails.

We probably can settle this in the next git survey with a new
question: what's stopping you from contributing to git?
One has to be careful that some of this is preaching to the choir.

Those who have difficulty won't be anywhere near the survey. Those that are near the survey will have enough nouce to contribute to the level they manage.

Also the argument here has started to be at cross purposes about the issues vs the solutions.

I do note that dscho's patches now have the extra footer (below the three dashes) e.g.

Fetch-It-Via: git fetch cat-file-filters-v1

If say I used that, and sent my patch series via Outlook Express (<sigh>), with it's white space damage, would those footers help once the content has been reviewed (rather than white spacing style) in the applying the patch?

Even, Is there a way of accepting email that has HTML embedded by the client, rather than [vger, etc.] simply deleting the email as 'not acceptable'. Unless users can get past these sort of (to them) petty and awkward restrictions, it's going to continue to be difficult to encourage participation.



PS Sudden though about the 'Published-As: Fetch-It-Via: ' stuff. I don't think we have a method of 'Fetch-As-A-Series' so that what is received from the server (e.g. GitHub, as a git command equivalent) is just those patches/commits in the series, and the recipient can then see if they apply cleanly at the point they want to apply them? This would almost be a 'pack file' that is all commit deltas, that can be given to say 'rebase' (or 'apply'). It could also be expanded back into an mbox format if required...

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