Kirill Smelkov <> writes:

>> This is v7, but as I understand your numbering, it goes with v5 of patch
>> 1/2 that I just reviewed (usually we just increment the version number
>> on the whole series and treat it as a unit, even if some patches didn't
>> change from version to version).
> The reason those patches are having their own numbers is that they are
> orthogonal to each other and can be applied / rejected independently.

In such a case, we wouldn't label them 1/2 and 2/2, which tells the
readers that these are two pieces that are to be applied together to
form a single unit of change.  That was what these numbered patches
with different version numbers confusing.

> But ok, since now we have them considered both together, their next
> versions posted will be uniform v8.

OK.  Thanks for clarifying.

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