Jeff King <> writes:

> It has been a while since I looked at rfc2822, but aren't the quoting
> and syntax rules different for addresses versus other headers? We would
> not want to dequote a Subject header, I think.

You're absolutely right.  RFC2822 does not quite _want_ to dequote
anything.  As you pointed out in a separate message, we are the one
who want to strip out "" quoting when mailinfo says

        Author: "Jeff King"

to its standard output (aka "info"), and turn it into

        GIT_AUTHOR_NAME='Jeff King'

and do so ONLY for the author name.

So I would think it is the responsibility of the one that reads the
"info" file that is produced by mailinfo to dequote the backslash
thing if the mailinfo gave us

        Author: "Jeff \"Peff\" King"

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