Kevin Daudt <> writes:

> When applied the the author of this patch shows up as:
>     Author: A U Thor" (test) <>
> So I agree with Jeff[1] where he states that the surrounding quotes
> should be removed, if that's not a problem for git.
> [1]:

I think we can go either way and it does not matter all that much if
"mailinfo" changes its output or the reader of "mailinfo" output
changes its input--we will either be munging data read from "From:"
when producing the "Author:" line, or taking the "Author:" output by
mailinfo and removing the quotes.

As an output from mailinfo that looks like this:

        Author: "A U Thor"

is made into a commit object that has this:

        author A U Thor <>

we know that the reader of mailinfo output _already_ has some logic
to strip the surrounding double quotes.  That is the only reason why
I think it is a better approach to not dequote in the "mailinfo" but
in the reader to turn

        Author: "A \"U\" Thor"

into a commit object that has this:

        author A "U" Thor <>

than updating mailinfo to produce

        Author: A "U" Thor

and then create the same result.

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