René Scharfe <> writes:

> Take this for example:
> -                     strbuf_addf(&o->obuf, _("(bad commit)\n"));
> +                     strbuf_addstr(&o->obuf, _("(bad commit)\n"));
> If there's a language that uses percent signs instead of parens or as
> regular letters, then they need to be escaped in the translated string
> before, but not after the patch.  As I wrote: silly.

Ahh, OK, so "This use of addf only has format part and nothing else,
hence the format part can be taken as-is" which is the Coccinelle rule
used to produce this patch is incomplete and always needs manual
inspection, in case the format part wanted to give a literal % in
the output.  E.g. it is a bug to convert this

        strbuf_addf(&buf, _("this is 100%% wrong!"));


        strbuf_addstr(&buf, _("this is 100%% wrong!"));

Thanks for clarification.  Perhaps the strbuf.cocci rule file can
have some comment to warn the person who builds *.patch file to look
for % in E2, or something?

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