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git-config(1) says:

           A boolean to enable/disable color in the output of git-branch(1).
           May be set to always, false (or never) or auto (or true), in which
           case colors are used only when the output is to a terminal.
           Defaults to false.

If the value false is the default, and neither color.branch nor
color.ui is set in any config file, one can expect that

(1)     git branch


(2)     git config color.branch false ; git branch

produce the same result. But only (2) produces colorless output, (1)
uses colors (that probably depend on the default value of color.ui).

The same story with color.diff and git-show, color.grep, etc.

Is it me being a non-native English speaker, or does this part really
need to be rewritten?

PS git version 2.9.3

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Anatoly Borodin

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