Anatoly Borodin <> writes:

> Hi All!
> git-config(1) says:
>        color.branch
>            A boolean to enable/disable color in the output of git-branch(1).
>            May be set to always, false (or never) or auto (or true), in which
>            case colors are used only when the output is to a terminal.

So far, so good.

>            Defaults to false.

The truth is: Defaults to following color.ui, which used to default to
false but now defaults to auto.

My bad, I forgot to update these parts of the docs when changing the
default for color.ui (a while back already). Patch follows.

> (2)   git config color.branch false ; git branch

Unrelated from the question, but you could write

git -c color.branch=false git branch

to set a configuration value just for one command.

Matthieu Moy

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