On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 04:40:22PM -0700, Josh Triplett wrote:

> >   - there are a non-trivial number of patches for other projects (JGIT,
> >     EGIT, StGit, etc). This is somewhat unique to git, where we discuss
> >     a lot of related projects on the list. But I wonder if other
> >     projects would use subsystems in a similar way (though I guess for
> >     the kernel, there are separate subsystems lists, so the "to" or "cc"
> >     header becomes the more interesting tag).
> The kernel mostly uses "[PATCH] subsystem: ...".  Occasionally I see
> "[PATCH somegitrepo ...] ..." when it's necessary to explicitly say
> whose git repo the patch needs to go through, but that's pretty rare.

We do both. "foo: blah" is for subsystem "foo" of Git itself, but
all-caps "JGIT PATCH" is "this is not even for Git". I don't know that
the kernel really has an equivalent.


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