On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 02:08:47AM -0400, Jeff King wrote:

> Working on it now. git-sh-setup works, but chasing an annoying bug in
> filter-branch. I'm sure it's something silly and stupid.

Ugh. I was being caught by crazy dash-versus-bash stuff.

Try this:

  $ bash -c 'echo "\\\\"'
  $ dash -c 'echo "\\\\"'

It's the "echo will automatically do backslash escaping" magic we have
so often enjoyed. I solved it with printf.

Patches to follow.

My primary motivation was cleanup, but it also has a net reduction of 5
fork+execs for each commit that filter-branch processes. This dropped
the run-time of "git filter-branch HEAD -1000" on my linux box from 62s
to 47s. A real filter-branch would do more work in the filters, of
course, but that translates to 7.5 minutes of time saved if you are
filtering all 30,000 commits of git.git.

  [1/2]: git-sh-setup: refactor ident-parsing functions
  [2/2]: filter-branch: use git-sh-setup's ident parsing functions

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