> OK, you said something about for_each_ref() in an earlier commit,
> but what you meant was this one, which takes each_tag_name_fn.

Oh yeah, sorry for the confusion.

> The function for_each_tag_name(), the type each_tag_name_fn, and the
> function of that type verify_tag(), are ALL file-scope static in
> this single file, builtin/tag.c.  It seems to me that it is not
> necessary to make the format string global at all.

Oh, ok. I was thinking that this was preferred over changing the
signature of those functions. (I drew my conclusion from log.c). I'll
take this other road then.
> ... 
> There are minor implementation and design issues I spotted, but
> overall I think the feature the series attempts to add may be a good
> thing to have.

Thanks for the review! I'll re-roll shortly.

> Thanks.

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