Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> writes:

>> Also, "curling" is not the word I would like to see. I would say:
>>   Simple benchmark comparing performance of 'blob' view of files without
>>   syntax highlighting in gitweb before and after this change indicates
>>   ±1% difference in request time for all file types.  Benchmark was
>>   performed on local instance on Debian, using Apache/2.4.23 web server
>>   and CGI/PSGI/FCGI/mod_perl.
>>       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^--- select one

or state that all of them produced similar results ;-)

>> Or something like that; I'm not sure how detailed this should be.
>> But it is nice to have such benchmark in the commit message.
> Sidenote: this way of benchmarking of gitweb falls between two ways of
> doing a benchmark.

All good comments.  Thanks.

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