On Sat, Sep 24, 2016, at 09:21 AM, Jakub Narębski wrote:
> W dniu 24.09.2016 o 00:15, Jakub Narębski pisze:
> Sidenote: this way of benchmarking of gitweb falls between two ways of
> doing a benchmark.
> The first method is to simply run gitweb as a standalone script, passing
> its parameters in CGI environment variables; just like the test suite
> does it.  You would 'time' / 'times' it a few times, drop outliers, and
> take average or a median.  With this method you don't even need to set
> up a web server.
> The second is to use a specialized program to benchmark the server-side
> of a web page, for example 'ab' (ApacheBench), httperf, curl-loader
> or JMeter.  The first one is usually distributed together with Apache
> web server, so you probably have it installed already.  Those tools
> provide timing statistics.

Good to know. Thanks.

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