Brandon Williams <> writes:

>> s/submodules/submodule-prefix/ at least.
> So should the #define be SUPPORT_SUBMODULE_PREFIX instead?  That may be
> too narrow minded and not looking toward future submodule options
> support but I'm not sure.

I am not convinced that this prefix needs to be tied/limited to
submodule, at least not yet, though.  I view it as a prefix that
points from above the repository's top, of which submodule support
may be a good sample user, but the caller may not necessarily be
doing or interested in "submodule support".

That's also part of figuring out how we want define the semantics of
this thing and how we want to present it to the end-users, I guess,
so we may have to rename it when we know more, but that's OK.

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