On 09/27, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Brandon Williams <bmw...@google.com> writes:
> >> s/submodules/submodule-prefix/ at least.
> >
> > So should the #define be SUPPORT_SUBMODULE_PREFIX instead?  That may be
> > too narrow minded and not looking toward future submodule options
> > support but I'm not sure.
> I am not convinced that this prefix needs to be tied/limited to
> submodule, at least not yet, though.  I view it as a prefix that
> points from above the repository's top, of which submodule support
> may be a good sample user, but the caller may not necessarily be
> doing or interested in "submodule support".
> That's also part of figuring out how we want define the semantics of
> this thing and how we want to present it to the end-users, I guess,
> so we may have to rename it when we know more, but that's OK.

K we can leave the name as is for now then.  Thankfully it should be a
simple name change since it only lives in 1 file.

Brandon Williams

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