> On 28 Sep 2016, at 23:49, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> I suspect that you are preparing a reroll already, but the one that
> is sitting in 'pu' seems to be flaky in t/t0021 and I seem to see
> occasional failures from it.
> I didn't trace where the test goes wrong, but one easy mistake you
> could make (I am not saying that is the reason of the failure) is to
> assume your filter will not be called under certain condition (like
> immediately after you checked out from the index to the working
> tree), when the automated test goes fast enough and get you into a
> "racy git" situation---the filter may be asked to filter the
> contents from the working tree again to re-validate what's there is
> still what is in the index.

Thanks for the heads-up! 

This is what happens:

1) Git exits
2) The filter process receives EOF and prints "STOP" to the log
3) t0021 checks the content of the log

Sometimes 3 happened before 2 which makes the test fail.
(Example: https://travis-ci.org/git/git/jobs/162660563 )

I added a this to wait until the filter process terminates:

+wait_for_filter_termination () {
+       while ps | grep -v grep | grep -F "/t0021/rot13-filter.pl" >/dev/null 
+       do
+               echo "Waiting for /t0021/rot13-filter.pl to finish..."
+               sleep 1
+       done

Does this look OK to you?

- Lars

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