Lars Schneider <> writes:

> We discussed that issue in v4 and v6:
> My impression was that you don't want Git to wait for the filter process.
> If Git waits for the filter process - how long should Git wait?

I am not sure where you got that impression.  I did say that I do
not want Git to _KILL_ my filter process.  That does not mean I want
Git to go away without waiting for me.

If the filter process refuses to die forever when Git told it to
shutdown (by closing the pipe to it, for example), that filter
process is simply buggy.  I think we want users to become aware of
that, instead of Git leaving it behind, which essentially is to
sweep the problem under the rug.

I agree with what Peff said elsewhere in the thread; if a filter
process wants to take time to clean things up while letting Git
proceed, it can do its own process management, but I think it is
sensible for Git to wait the filter process it directly spawned.

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