Jeff King <> writes:

>> Those patches are missing some of the features like showing root commits,
>> handling two letter initials, showing the weekday, inserting a break where
>> needed to avoid parent-child confusion in graph output and properly handling
>> Duy's initials. :)
> I'm not too surprised. I literally looked at the first screenshot from
> your output and thought "surely git can do that with some minor tweaks".
> Nor am I surprised that there are cases where the output is funny (99%
> of the time I spent on it was tracking down that graph-padding bug).
> I have no problem taking this in contrib or whatever, until a point when
> Git is capable of doing the same thing itself. I just hoped to trick you
> into working on Git. :)

I thought we stopped adding random things to contrib/, though.

Unlike the earlier days of Git, if a custom command that uses Git is
very userful, it can live its own life and flourish within the much
larger Git userbase we have these days.

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