Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> So this patch may actually be "production ready" apart from the fact
> that some tests still fail (at least because
> of different short SHA1 cases.

t2027 has at least two problems.

 * "git worktree" does not read the core.abbrev configuration,
   without a recent fix in jc/worktree-config, i.e. d49028e6
   ("worktree: honor configuration variables", 2016-09-26).

 * The script uses "git rev-parse --short HEAD"; I suspect that it
   says "ah, default_abbrev is -1 and minimum_abbrev is 4, so let's
   try abbreviating to 4 hexdigits".

The first failure in t3203 seems to come from the same issue in
"rev-parse --short".

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