Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> both used in exactly one place each, I'd suggest getting rid of that
> crazy macro, and just expanding it in those places to avoid these
> kinds of crazy "hiding variables inside complex defines thning".
> And maybe just deciding to hardcode TRANSPORT_SUMMARY_WIDTH to 17
> (which was it's original default value and presumably is what the test
> is effectively hardcoded for too), and avoiding that complexity
> entirely.

For all fairness, when the WIDTH thing was introduced, there were
two places that needed reference it at f1863d0d16 ("refactor
duplicated code in builtin-send-pack.c and transport.c",
2010-02-16).  But that is no longer the case, and it makes sense to
hardcode it as 17 (or something derived from a symbolic constant
that gives the new "default to default").

What TRANSPORT_SUMMARY() does is even more crazy and it really
shouldn't be exposed as a public interface.  Let's move it to its
single calling place.

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