Chris B <> writes:

> - If there was SO MUCH thought into this, then it was too much...

I do not have much to add to what area experts already said on bits
specific to Git for Windows, but on just this part:

> - Our builds were not breaking, it was production due to deployment
> model utilizing Git. What if there was a process to extract from Git
> and then distribute?

Do you mean something like "git archive"?  Or do you have something
else in mind?

> - Developers are not expecting revision control system to make changes
> to files they commit.

But isn't there a distinction between the logical content and its
physical representation?  In source code (that is what developers
use a source code management system for), especially those of
cross-platform projects, the logical lines end with LF and physical
lines end with whatever is convenient on the platform of each
participant of the project.  There needs a way to convert between
the two.

It does not sound fair to call it a crime if the port to a platform,
whose users (at least the majority of them) expect the latter to be
CRLF, chose to default to that to help the majority, as long as
there are ways for the minority power users to choose to use LF in
the physical representation on their working trees.
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