On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 10:39:27AM -0400, Chris B wrote:

> I would like to point out:
> - Git on Linux does not mess around with line endings. I can create
> and edit a file in either line ending on Linux and commit and still
> have it untouched.
> - Git on Windows via Cygwin also does not mess around.
> - If those flavors of Git don't mess around, why should msysgit do it?

Most platforms (i.e., the userspace of most unix-y distributions) do not
mess around with line endings, either, so it is easy to have a sane
default there. I think the Cygwin build just followed that existing

But msysgit's behavior was directly responding to user complaints. And
there were a lot of them. I do not use Windows myself, so I have only
the perspective of reading the list discussions. And that only what
bleeds onto the git@vger list, not the msysgit list.

Searching for "crlf" on the list yields over 2300 messages, many of
which discuss specific problems people are having without CRLF support.
I do not think any decision in the open source world is final, and
correcting a wrong decision from the past should always be an option.
But I do not think it is constructive to say "your decision is wrong"
without responding to the arguments that led to that decision. All I see
in your email is "your default is not my preference" without responding
to the discussion and perspectives of others through the years.

> - Windows has been able to cope with UNIX line endings a long time; no
> developer is using a default Notepad to open files with high
> expectations. Any Windows development tool and editor worth anything
> I've used is able to handle both just fine.

Again, I do not use Windows, so my anecdotes are purely culled from the
list. But people have mentioned that Visual Studio is bad for writing
our CRLFs for files which already have LFs. This makes diffs unreadable,
and gives merges, rebases and cherry-picks lots of spurious conflicts.

> - If there was SO MUCH thought into this, then it was too much; it was
> the wrong thought. There should not have been much at all, and just
> allow Git to do what it does: store things *exactly* as you put it in.
> Allow the clients to worry about things like line endings should they
> have the need to worry about it. I'm not seeing how the revision
> system has any business making alterations to things one commits into
> it.

One of the problems is that people do not realize the issue until they
have built a lot of history with CRLFs or mixed line endings (which they
might not even realize until the project starts being used by somebody
with a different editor or platform), and then they have a very painful
flag day turning on these options and normalizing the repository.

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