Jonathan Tan <> writes:

> Use singly-linked lists (instead of doubly-linked lists) in trailer to
> keep track of arguments (whether implicit from configuration or explicit
> from the command line) and trailer items.
> This change significantly reduces the code length and simplifies the code.
> There are now fewer pointers to be manipulated, but most trailer
> manipulations now require seeking from beginning to end, so there might
> be a slight net decrease in performance; however the number of trailers
> is usually small (10 to 15 at the most) so this should not cause a big
> impact.

It is overall a very good change, but can you split this into two
independent patches?  s/struct trailer_item/const &/ sprinkled all
over the place is more or less unrelated change and it is very
distracting to see the primary change of the way lists are handled.

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