Larry Finger <> writes:

> On 10/11/2016 11:18 AM, Matthieu Moy wrote:
>> Larry Finger <> writes:
>>> That added information at the end is intended to be passed on to the
>>> stable group. In this case, the patch needs to be applied to kernel
>>> versions 4.8 and later.
>> OK, but where do people fetch this information from?
> This format is used in a patch for the kernel. When the patch is
> merged into mainline, gets sent an E-mail with
> a copy of the original patch. Maintainers of the indicated systems
> then merge the patch with their stable version.

Sorry, but this does not answer my question. I'll rephrase: when
people behind get the message, how do they know
which version of the kernel they should apply it to?

> I do not want it in the body of the message. I just want to pass a
> hint to the stable maintainer(s).

If it's not in the body of the message, then where is it?

Matthieu Moy

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