Jeff King <> writes:

>   2. Drop everything after the trailing ">". This gives a valid rfc2822
>      cc, and people can pick the "# 4.8" from the cc line in the body.

That would work for me, but it's inconsistent with Mail::Address and I'd
really like to avoid having a behavior depending on libraries installed.

Plus, consistency with Mail::Address gives us consistency with any other
program using Mail::Address.

>   3. Rewrite
>        A <B@C> D
>      into
>        A D <B@C>
>      regardless of what is in "D". This retains the information in the
>      rfc2822 cc.

There's another one I considered:

   4. Consider '#.*' as a comment when parsing trailers (but not in
      other places where we parse addresses)

This is much harder to define properly because of

Cc: "Foo # Bar" <>

=> we'd need to handle the ".*" syntax when stripping comments. And
again, that wouldn't be consistent with Mail::Address.

So, I ended up implementing 3., which actually isn't hard, and gives
code IMHO cleaner than it used to be.

Matthieu Moy

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