I'm a FreeBSD ports developer, and while our main repository is in
Subversion, some of us use git-svn a lot for development.

I discovered git worktree earlier this week, and I found it a great
asset to be able to have more than one branch of my worktree accessible
at the same time...

Anyway, back to my problem, the way git-svn works, is that it looks for
a directory named "svn" in its gitdir and if it is not present, decide
the repository is using git-svn version 1 (whatever that is) and goes to
parse all the revisions to recreate the svn directory.
So I can only use git svn commands in my main worktree, the one with the
real gitdir.
To fix that, all I had to do is to add a symlink named svn in each
worktree's gitdir and pointing to ../../svn.

I think all that needs to happen is that when adding a new worktree, if
the main git directory has a "svn" directory, add a symlink to it in the
worktree's gitdir.

Mathieu Arnold

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