On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 8:52 AM, Eric Wong <e...@80x24.org> wrote:
> +sub svn_dir {
> +       my $git_dir = scalar @_ ? $_[0] : $ENV{GIT_DIR};
> +       my $common = $ENV{GIT_COMMON_DIR} || "$git_dir/commondir";
> +       $git_dir .= '/'.::file_to_s($common) if -e $common;
> +       my $svn_dir = $git_dir . '/svn';
> +       $svn_dir =~ tr!/!/!s;
> +       $svn_dir;
> +}

If this is shell script, this function could be just

svn_dir() {
    git rev-parse --git-path svn

which should give you correct path in either single or multi-worktree
context and you don't need to bother with details like
$GIT_COMMON_DIR. But I don't know how Perl bindings are implemented, I
don't know if we have something similar (or easy to add it, like

I don't know much about git-svn, but from the look of it I agree
replacing $ENV{GIT_DIR}/svn with svn_dir() should fix it, assuming
that you don't hard code $ENV{GIT_DIR}/blahblah somewhere else. I
don't see any other potential problems (from multi-worktree

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