Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

>> > +  const char *arg;
>> > +  int arg_len;
>> >    size_t offset_in_buf;
>> micronit: you can make it to size_t and lose the cast below, no?
> No. The primary users of arg_len call a printf() style function with %.*s,
> expecting an int. So your suggestion would lose one cast, but introduce at
> least four casts in return.

Actually my point was not the number of casts required, but more
about using the correct type to store things.  Granted, I do not
expect each of the lines would ever get too long to exceed "int"
(but fit in "size_t") in practice, and from that point of view, one
may be able to argue that "int" and "size_t" are both correct types,
but that argument applies equally to offset_in_buf, so...

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