Stefan Beller <> writes:

>>> Well all of the hunks in the patch are not threaded, so they
>>> don't follow a threading pattern, but the static pattern to not be
>>> more expensive than needed.
>> Is it too invasive a change to make them as if they are thread-ready
>> users of API that happen to know their callers are not threading?
>> It would be ideal if we can prepare them so that the way they
>> interact with the attr subsystem will not have to change after this
>> step.
> As far as I see the future, we do not need to change those in the future,
> unless we add the threading to the current callers, which is usually a very
> invasive thing?

It does not matter how invasive the thread set-up and teardown that
happens in the callers.

I am talking about the part of _THIS_ code that you are updating,
that interacts with attr API.  The way they prepare "check" and
"result", the way they ask questions by calling git_check_attr()

Think of a thread-safe library function (like malloc()).  If you

        func (...) {
                buf = malloc(20);

in a function that happens to be only called in a non-threaded
program today, you do not have to update these calls to malloc(3)
and free(3) when you update the callchain to threadable, right?

That kind of thread-preparedness is what I am trying to see if we
can achieve with this update.

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