Jeff King <> writes:

> So it's certainly better. But 7500 packs is just silly, and squeezing
> out ~400ms there is hardly worth it. If you repack this same case into a
> single pack, the command drops to 5ms. So yes, there's close to an order
> of magnitude speedup here, but you get that _and_ another order of
> magnitude just by repacking.

"7500 is silly" equally applies to the "quick" (and sloppy, if I am
reading your "Failing in this direction doesn't make me feel great."
correctly) approach, I think, which argues for not taking either
change X-<.

I agree that the fallout from the inaccuracy of "quick" approach is
probably acceptable and the next "fetch" will correct it anyway, so
let's do the "quick but inaccurate" for now and perhaps cook it in
'next' for a bit longer than other topics?

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