Jeff King <> writes:

> Still an impressive speedup as a percentage, but negligible in absolute
> terms. But that's on a local filesystem on a Linux machine. I'd worry
> much more about a system with a slow readdir(), e.g., due to NFS.
> Somebody's real-world NFS case[1] was what prompted us to do 0eeb077
> (index-pack: avoid excessive re-reading of pack directory, 2015-06-09).


> It looks like I _did_ look into optimizing this into a single stat()
> call in the thread at [1]. I completely forgot about that. I did find
> there that naively using stat_validity() on a directory is racy, though
> I wonder if we could do something clever with gettimeofday() instead.

It feels funny to hear an idea to compare fs timestamp with gettimeofday
immedately after hearing the word NFS, though ;-).

>> I agree that the fallout from the inaccuracy of "quick" approach is
>> probably acceptable and the next "fetch" will correct it anyway, so
>> let's do the "quick but inaccurate" for now and perhaps cook it in
>> 'next' for a bit longer than other topics?
> I doubt that cooking in 'next' for longer will turn up anything useful.
> The case we care about is the race between a repack and a fetch. We
> lived with the "quick" version of has_sha1_file() everywhere for 8
> years.

A very convincing argument.  I stand corrected.


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