On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 02:37:58AM +0100, Ramsay Jones wrote:

> Hmm, well, you have to remember that 'make clean' sometimes
> doesn't make clean. Ever since the Makefile was changed to only
> remove $(OBJECTS), rather than *.o xdiff/*.o etc., you have to
> remember to 'make clean' _before_ you switch branches. Otherwise,
> you risk leaving some objects laying around. Since the script
> runs 'nm' on all objects it finds, any stale ones can cause problems.
> (Of course, I almost always forget, so I frequently have to manually
> check for and remove stale objects!)

Gross. I would not be opposed to a Makefile rule that outputs the
correct set of OBJECTS so this (or other) scripts could build on it.

IIRC, BSD make has an option to do this "make -V OBJECTS" or something,
but I don't thnk there's an easy way to do so.

Or, since it seems to find useful results quite frequently, maybe it
would be worth including the script inside git (and triggering it with
an optional Makefile rule). It sounds like we'd need a way to annotate
known false positives, but if it were in common use, it would be easier
to get people to keep that list up to date.


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