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On Sun, 16 Oct 2016, Jeff King wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 02:37:58AM +0100, Ramsay Jones wrote:
> > Hmm, well, you have to remember that 'make clean' sometimes doesn't
> > make clean. Ever since the Makefile was changed to only remove
> > $(OBJECTS), rather than *.o xdiff/*.o etc., you have to remember to
> > 'make clean' _before_ you switch branches. Otherwise, you risk leaving
> > some objects laying around. Since the script runs 'nm' on all objects
> > it finds, any stale ones can cause problems.  (Of course, I almost
> > always forget, so I frequently have to manually check for and remove
> > stale objects!)
> Gross. I would not be opposed to a Makefile rule that outputs the
> correct set of OBJECTS so this (or other) scripts could build on it.

You could also use the method I use in Git for Windows to "extend" the

-- snipsnap --
cat >dummy.mak <<EOF
include Makefile

blub: $(OBJECTS)
        do-something-with $^

make -f dummy.mak blub

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