After a longer pause, I did some programming in Eiffel again, and while doing 
so, why not use Git? It works!

However there's one little thing I noticed with "git diff":
The conte4xt lines (staring with "@@") show the current function (in Perl and 
C), but they show the current "feature clause" in Eiffel (as opposed to the 
expected current feature). I wonder how hard it is to fix it (Observed in git 
1.7.7 of openSUSE 12.1).

For the non-Eiffelists:

Eiffel has a class structure like this:
class FOO

feature {BAR} -- This is a "feature clause", grouping related features 

   baz (x,y : INTEGER) : STRING is
      -- blabla...
      end -- baz

end -- class FOO

Now if I change something inside "baz", it would be nice if the @@-contect line 
would show "baz" (or more) instead of "feature {BAR}...".

P.S. Apologies if the feature requested had been added already.

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