So, this is due to the major AWS outage today. is hosted
on Heroku and thus on AWS.  Heroku is continuing to bring up their
database systems in the wake of the massive AWS outage.  Once that is
back online, will also be back online.

As for the git-fetch issue, we'll look into it once Heroku is back online.


On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 7:34 PM, Mike Norman <> wrote:
> This seems worse. The entire site is now down with an application
> error. Reporting this out of surprise and just in case the dev on the
> job has the site cached somehow and can't see the error. Image
> (hopefully) attached and the message is as appears below, in case the
> attachment gets stripped. (Tags for convenience and not part of
> error.)
> <errortext>
> Application Error
> An error occurred in the application and your page could not be
> served. Please try again in a few moments.
> If you are the application owner, check your logs for details.
> </errortext>
> Hope this helps,
> Mike Norman
> On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 9:45 PM, Andrew Ardill <> 
> wrote:
>> On 21 October 2012 18:31, Mike Norman <> wrote:
>>> Many links on simply reload the page.
>>> For example, all of Sharing and Updating section simply reload the
>>> docs page. And tons others. Must be a broken link or routing problem.
>>> Repros on FF 14.0.1 and Chrome. Good luck!
>> Including Scott Chacon as he manages this site (to my knowledge).
>> Looking at the request, I am getting a 302:
>> Request URL:
>> Request Method:GET
>> Status Code:302 Moved Temporarily
>> Maybe those pages are not done yet? That doesn't seem right as this is
>> simply the reference manual, but perhaps there is something else going
>> on here.
>> On another (related) note, the wayback machine has some very
>> interesting entries for the domain [1] and it seems the
>> /doc directory is not indexed at all. Is this on purpose?
>> Regards,
>> Andrew Ardill
>> [1]*/*
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