Sverre Rabbelier wrote:

> That's weird, we have this bit:
> +             if (elem->whence != REV_CMD_REV && elem->whence != 
> +                     continue;
> If I understand correctly that should cause it to only output revs
> (e.g. 'foo1') and the rhs side of a have..want spec.

If I remember right, '^foo1' is (whence == REV_CMD_REV) with (flags ==
UNINTERESTING).  That's why sequencer.c checks for unadorned revs like

        if (opts->revs-> == 1 &&
            opts->revs->cmdline.rev->whence == REV_CMD_REV &&
            opts->revs->no_walk &&
            !opts->revs->cmdline.rev->flags) {


        if (elem->flags & UNINTERESTING)
        if (elem->whence == REV_CMD_PARENTS_ONLY)       /* foo^@ */

would work well here?  That would handle bizarre cases like "--not
next..master" (and ordinary cases like "") better, by
focusing on the semantics instead of syntax.
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