On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 10:33:26AM +0000, Gunnlaugur Þór Briem wrote:

> The --log-window-size parameter to git-svn fetch is undocumented.
> Minimally describe what it does and why the user might change it.

Thanks. Your description makes sense to me, but I do not have enough
git-svn knowledge to know if it covers all intended uses of the flag.

> +--log-window-size=<n>;;
> +    Fetch <n> log entries per request when scanning Subversion history.
> +    The default is 100. For very large Subversion repositories, larger
> +    values may be needed for 'clone'/'fetch' to complete in reasonable
> +    time. But overly large values may lead to request timeouts.

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