Jeff King <> wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 10:33:26AM +0000, Gunnlaugur Þór Briem wrote:
> > The --log-window-size parameter to git-svn fetch is undocumented.
> > 
> > Minimally describe what it does and why the user might change it.
> Thanks. Your description makes sense to me, but I do not have enough
> git-svn knowledge to know if it covers all intended uses of the flag.
> Eric?
> > +--log-window-size=<n>;;
> > +    Fetch <n> log entries per request when scanning Subversion history.
> > +    The default is 100. For very large Subversion repositories, larger
> > +    values may be needed for 'clone'/'fetch' to complete in reasonable
> > +    time. But overly large values may lead to request timeouts.

Overly large values also lead to excessive memory usage.  I may have
only had 256M in my dev machine at the time I added this parameter:

  commit 6af1db447b10c03db4c04a55000efaa9aad38caa
  Author: Eric Wong <>
  Date:   Wed Feb 14 16:04:10 2007 -0800

      git-svn: allow --log-window-size to be specified, default to 100
      The newer default value should should lower memory usage for
      large fetches and also help with fetching from less reliable
      servers.  Previously the value was 1000 and memory usage
      got a bit high on some repositories and fetching became
      less reliable in some cases.
      Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>
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